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For You My Love.

Its the power of your stare. The shock in your hands. The pounding of your heart against my gentle ear. Its when your lips consume mine and invite me into your world. Its the whisper of your voice closer to dawn. How you wont let me open a door. Your ability to share no matter the cost. Ears of a best friend. The respect of your soul. How tender the tones are that your tongue releases. Noting profound dances your being. Scars of mistakes raised on the surface. Forgiveness is key. Incredibility for perseverance is motivating. Sheltered feelings are for those only whom are most trusted. Tickle a smile in a crowd of friends. Protection is lingering but underdeveloped. For support you are beams of steel. Optimism is all that twinkles in the eyes of darkness. The stars have aligned for this. Determination for a brighter future is paved. And your love's innocence is shared.


Dear Dad,

You are like a bad, annoying, clingy, selfish boyfriend that I can't seem to get rid of. I'm sick of this life that I am forced to share with you. I don't have the heart to tell you this to your face. So I guess this is the only other way I can express myself. You have never cared about me. Its always been about what benefits you the most and if I get something out of it too then thats fine. You have stolen from me. Stolen money. Not a big deal when compared to other issues elsewhere but to me, a high school student trying to gather funds for college, its a freaking big deal. You blame everything on everyone else. You never want to take ownership for your doings. You are paranoid and I feel like when it comes to me growing up, you have separation anxiety. This hinders my friendships. Which are hard enough for me to come across because of my "mental illness". Its time to move on dad. Time for growing up. Time for independence. Time to solve problems. Time to become an adult.

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